Travel around Rock Island lake

Going to Montana I has turned off the road having decided to cut off a way. Somewhere in half an hour of driving I have understood that already home I will not return.
The next day. I have spent the night in the car and have again gone on impassability. Somewhere in the distance it seemed to me that there is a road, a footpath. I have been weakened. However not it disturbed me. I knew that somewhere nearby lake Rock Island. Was afraid that I can not notice as I will drown the car in it and itself I will break.
Day the third. It was hard even to think that I will be gone.
Left the car and began to search for signs of the person. In the end I run on lake. It seemed especially beautiful in the light of the morning sun.
For memory there were these photos.


About GSL430

I am a person of creative trades.
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2 Responses to Travel around Rock Island lake

  1. mkeeffer says:

    Lovely images!

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