A new life of USSR #1

90 years. The world really dies. Test on itself the most shattering falling the greatest powers. It only proves once again that the person is not eternal. Global financial crisis taking old sources and proceeding at this time has begun to this day. It seemed that it always at all began and was not going to come to an end, but it not so actually.
Nevertheless the most terrible still ahead – war in Iraq, struggle against terrorism and even rise in prices for salt. Ahead disintegration of the Soviet union, in somebody sense it to the best, but was gave by what price of Russia that that it has now. Anybody except it does not reflect even on it. I consider, time has come to fill this hole.
The empty wall – is all that reminds of former times. Basically, constructions have fallen off.
The torn off electric mains – after revolution Yugoslavia has suffered set of destructions and reorganisations.
The beaten out windows – witnesses of cruelty.
Many walls have already acquired a moss since those times, blood was not washed off…
These holes have done self-propelled tools. The same hole could do and the person thirsting to survive.
These not completed parts of the future – they are faster not completed than destroyed.
Besides beaten out glasses, the driven in windows.
Time has ruined set of people, their destinies, but the most important – their belief.


About GSL430

I am a person of creative trades.
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